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Posti's emissions fell by 37 percent, according to a newly published sustainability report


Posti has today published its annual sustainability report. The report shows, among other things, that the company's own emissions fell by 14 percent last year. The previous long-term emissions goal was exceeded, as the reduction relative to net sales was 37 percent. The report also explains how occupational safety developed despite increased parcel volumes due to the corona. Posti Group Oyj published its sustainability report today, describing how the company has promoted its goals in the areas of economic, social, and environmental responsibility during the reporting year. As in previous years, the report's frame of reference is the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Posti's previous long-term emissions goal was to reduce total emissions in Finland in proportion to net sales by 30 percent compared to the level of 2007 by 2020. We exceeded the target, as the reduction relative to net sales was 37 percent. In absolute terms, emissions decreased by 34 percent compared to 2007, with the reduction amounting to 71,000 tons. "We have been reporting our emissions openly since the beginning of the 21st century and have been actively working to reduce them. We launched our first environmental program in the late 1990s, and we currently have the most ambitious emissions goal in the logistics industry and a clear roadmap for achieving that goal," says Head of Sustainability Noomi Jägerhorn. "Also, we have compensated our emissions for mail delivery since 2011 and all Finnish operations since 2015." Posti's current goal is to reduce its own emissions to zero by 2030. Progress towards the target has been good, as emissions decreased by 14% last year compared to the previous year. Emissions were reduced by, among other things, the introduction of renewable diesel in Posti's own parcel transports, the increased use of electric vehicles, the acquisition of Finland's most extensive heavy truck equipment powered by renewable diesel, and the transition to renewable electricity in those sites where it had not yet been done. The scale of operations is illustrated by the fact that Posti employees visit the door of three million homes or businesses every day. The company delivered more than 64 million packages last year. In total, the company drove about four million kilometers with renewable fuels last year. In mail delivery, electricity already reaches almost 40 percent of households. During 2020, Posti committed to the Science Based Targets initiative to ensure that all our targets align with the latest climate science. Responsibility even stronger at the heart of the business "Our updated strategy, announced at the beginning of the year, as well as our purpose, place responsibility even more strongly at the core of the business," says Jägerhorn. "We have also updated our sustainability program. In addition to the environment, its second priority is the well-being of our people. We want all Posti employees to be able to be proud of their postal service and the work they do." The increased importance of sustainability is also highlighted by the fact that Posti's emissions target is one of the meters company uses to reward its top management. The corona situation required a special focus on occupational safety issues throughout the company, especially in sorting, transport, and deliveries. At the heart of all operations is the safety of staff and customers. The parcel business saw a significant increase in volumes from the beginning of 2020 due to the exceptional situation. Despite the exceptional year, the entire company's accident rate decreased by 13% from the previous year. All in all, Posti has coped well with the challenges of the corona epidemic so far.