Posti will set up a Group-wide change service together with employee representatives in order to respond to challenges brought about by change – the goal is to increase employment opportunities


Posti is going to start building a new Group-wide change service for its staff in Finland. The unit, which will be built in collaboration with employee representatives, will offer centralized services to those working in production. The goal of these services is to build career paths for staff with a long-term view, increase the offering of jobs to employees within the Group and find full-time jobs for part-time staff. The unit’s operations will also include training, support, job rotation and reassignment services. Posti is expecting to allocate approximately EUR 10 million to the new unit’s operations in the coming years.

Posti’s business and the entire industry has been undergoing a transformation for a long time. 2020 was a turning point: parcel volumes in Finland and the Baltic states increased by 27%. In the first quarter of 2021, the growth rate was 25%. According to Posti’s new strategy, parcel business and logistics are the core of the company’s growth. Postal services have an important role in complementing and supporting this core. The volume of addressed letters has been falling since 2000, and the rate of decrease has sped up even more in the last year. As a result of this, the amount of work in Postal services is decreasing. However, many new opportunities are also coming up in the Group thanks to growth.

“We have everything it takes to build a good future for Posti. However, we are going through a very challenging stage right now and operating in a continuously changing market. Fewer people are needed in some areas of production, while other services need more hands on deck. We are committed to managing this change responsibly and in a controlled way. The new internal change service is now seeking a long-term solution for this problem for the coming years. We will help our staff remain employed, provide opportunities for full-time employment and promote competence development within the Group,” says Timo Koskinen, Posti Group’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

“We employ about 21,000 people. A Group of this size, along with its businesses, offers staff many employment and development opportunities. In practice, the way the change service will work is that, through the service, we will be able to actively offer our job rotation to our employees as well as offer additional work from our other operations to part-time employees or find our employees new jobs in other units when changes are made,” Timo Koskinen says.

“Posti’s staff has been working through challenging changes for a long time. It is important to work together to do everything we can so that competent people can find new opportunities and are able to develop their competence. I think it’s very good that our employees can truly make their voices heard in the planning of the change service’s operations,” says Satu Ollikainen, Employee Representative on Posti Group’s Board of Directors.

The change unit will start work in fall 2021.