Posti is planning regional alternate-day delivery for printed postal items in Pirkanmaa in the postal code area 33 during April–May 2022


Posti plans to start regional alternate-day delivery of printed postal items in the postal code areas 33 in Tampere, Pirkkala, Ylöjärvi, Nokia and Lempäälä during April–May 2022. Morning newspapers will be delivered early in the morning on each day of the week, just like before, but also day mail can be included in the delivery of the morning newspaper.

Similar delivery models are used in all Nordic countries. In Finland, alternate-day delivery was adopted for the first time in Espoo and Kauniainen in October. We are currently planning to implement the alternate-day model also in the Helsinki area in April 2022.

In alternate-day delivery, items are still delivered items seven days a week on the basis of the delivery schedule agreed with sending customers. Mail is delivered by postal code pairs on alternate days in two-week stints. Universal service items (stamped items) are delivered in accordance with the Postal Act. The alternate-day delivery does not apply to parcel deliveries.

“The change may be noticeable to mail recipients in that, in addition to the morning paper, they may receive other mail in time for their morning coffee, such as letters, magazines, advertisements and small parcels that fit through the mail slot. Items will arrive at the agreed delivery times in accordance with the service agreement between the sending company and Posti,” says Area Manager Timo Honkasalo.

The new mail delivery model helps to extend the lifecycle of printed mail so that Posti can continue to offer traditional services in addition to digital services. As one delivery method does not fit all, new delivery methods are developed to meet different customer needs. Moreover, route optimization can make it possible to reduce the mileage, fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Posti’s zero emissions goal is in line with the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Agreement.

” With good planning of delivery routes and our new delivery fleet, we can reduce carbon-dioxide emissions even better. At Posti, we are committed to achieving zero emissions by 2030. In the Pirkanmaa region, we are paying special attention to a driving method that reduces idling,” says Timo Honkasalo. 

“Reducing idling has a great impact because in the Pirkanmaa and Satakunta region, we deliver post with 480 delivery cars into more than half a million homes. Our goal is also to introduce electric cars as delivery cars during 2022,” Honkasalo continues.

Posti’s Change Unit will assist the personnel when work changes – career opportunities are available throughout the Posti Group

Posti’s Change Unit will provide personal support for career planning and seek suitable solutions within Posti together with the business and employees.

The cooperation negotiations concerning the regional alternate-day delivery in Pirkanmaa, mainly in Tampere, will commence on November 15, 2021. The negotiations will last for at least six weeks.

” The needs for changes regarding our personnel will be specified in more detail during the cooperation negotiations. We are in need for our skilled personnel in postal work and also other open positions throughout the Group. We believe that work and workers will find each other during the negotiations,” Timo Honkasalo says.

When personnel need increases somewhere and decreases elsewhere, we will offer everyone new job opportunities within the Posti Group through our Change Unit. There are diverse positions available besides postal work. The personnel will be inducted into the new duties. One key goal will also be to find opportunities for full-time positions.