Posti predicts a record-breaking parcel season for the rest of the year: Saturday deliveries to be launched in more than 100 delivery areas



Posti predicts record-breaking parcel traffic for the rest of the year. Up to 2 million parcels will be delivered to Finns during the busiest week. Saturday deliveries, usually available in 12 areas, will be extended to more than 100 areas in stages from next Saturday, October 2. Saturday deliveries will continue until Christmas to make parcel traffic more efficient.

“E-commerce continues to grow and the changes in consumer behavior seem to be permanent. We are preparing for a record-breaking end-of-the-year season that will even exceed last year’s figures by starting Saturday deliveries well in advance,” says Tommi Kässi, Vice President, Parcel and eCommerce, Posti.

“Many of us like to shop on Saturdays, and the ability to pick up our online shopping at the same time makes life much easier. Weekend deliveries also allow online retailers to improve their delivery speed and customer satisfaction rates.” Of all online store orders, 62% delivered to parcel lockers are picked up during the same weekend. Posti encourages its customers to pick up their parcels as quickly as possible to make room for incoming items.

Sunday parcel deliveries start on Black Friday

E-commerce is particularly boosted by Black Friday, taking place on November 26. On Black Friday, Posti will start delivering parcels to the most popular pickup points seven days a week. E-commerce parcels will be picked up and delivered to recipients on four Sundays: November 28 and December 5, 12 and 19. The seven-day parcel delivery covers around half of the entire population in Finland. In addition to the capital region, Sunday deliveries cover Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Oulu, Pori, Seinäjoki, Tampere and Turku.

Posti started planning for the end-of-the-year peak season at the beginning of the year. The company has been building a more extensive Retail Network throughout the year, opening 5–10 new sets of parcel lockers each week. There are now 400 more parcel lockers than a year ago. In addition to new parcel lockers, Posti is preparing for the peak season by increasing shelf space in existing service points, introducing more pop-up pickup points and increasing the number of personal service points. Posti now has nearly 3,300 service points.

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