Posti opens a national VAT helpline – all goods and publications from outside the EU will be subject to customs clearance as of July 1, 2021


From July 1, 2021, a new EU Directive enters into force and all goods and publications arriving from outside the EU will be subject to customs clearance. At the moment, online purchases with a maximum value of €22 can be received in Finland free of tax.
Posti opens a new VAT guidance helpline on 15 June, which will provide customers with help and information on customs clearance of parcels and publications arriving from outside the EU. By calling the toll-free number 0100 2215, you will get service in English, Finnish and Swedish Monday to Friday 8-18 and on Saturday from 9-16.
“The VAT reform will influence the daily lives of many Finnish online shoppers. Finns order a lot of goods from, for example, China, the United States and the United Kingdom and, after the change in July, all parcels and publications – also those that used to be free of tax – must undergo customs clearance. We have hired 45 new customer advisors for June–August to help our customers,” says Laura Inttilä, Director, Customer Service and Retail, Parcel & eCommerce.
The easiest option is to buy from an online store where VAT can be paid immediately when buying a product. Online stores state on their website whether VAT can be paid at the time of purchase.
“I’d like to remind everyone of one thing that makes customs clearance easier and the delivery of purchases faster. When buying from an online store, you should always provide your real email address and mobile phone number. We send notices of arrival to the addresses that we receive from the online store. If the information is not correct, you will not receive the notice,” Inttilä points out.
You can find more information about different customs clearance options on Posti’s website. 
The Customs website also contains additional information as well as the customs duty calculator.