From the start of September, printed mail in Espoo and Kauniainen will be delivered as regional every-other day delivery


From the start of September, delivery in the Espoo and Kauniainen area will be implemented as an every-other day delivery. Similar delivery models are in use in all other Nordic countries. Now the every-other day delivery will now be introduced in Finland for the first time.

It will enter into force on September 6th. In the rest of the country, deliveries will continue as before. We are introducing new delivery methods according to delivery quantities and customer requirements as well as within the parameters of the schedules of the negotiations held with our personnel.

The change will be as unnoticeable as possible for customers

“Mail recipients may notice the change in that, in addition to the morning paper, they may receive other mail in time for their morning coffee. These can include letters, magazines and advertisements as well as small parcels that fit in the mail slot or box. Items will be delivered at the agreed delivery times in accordance with the service agreement between the sending customer and Posti,” says Area Manager Hannu Riihimäki.

Every-other day delivery means that mail will be delivered on alternate days in the Espoo and Kauniainen areas based on postal code. For instance, in the 02100 postal code area, delivery on the first week will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; on the same week, delivery in the 02200 area will take place on Tuesday and Thursday. The following week, the delivery days will change. This rhythm will repeat in two-week phases. On the intervening days, there is very little day mail to deliver.

Early-morning delivery takes place every other weekday just like before, and part of the day mail can be delivered with newspapers, if necessary. Posti still delivers items seven days a week. However, not all products on each day but on the basis of the delivery schedule agreed with sender customers. With regard to the general service, delivery will take place in accordance with the Postal Act.

There will be no changes in newspaper delivery; newspapers will still be delivered in the early-morning delivery seven days a week. Also, there will be no changes to the delivery of Postinen. The an every-other day delivery model does not apply to parcel deliveries.

EN_web.pngThe image shows an example of the rhythm of an every-other day delivery in one postal code area, example 02100 Espoo, over a period of two weeks. Newspapers are delivered each morning in the early-morning delivery, and the newspaper may be accompanied by other mail.

One delivery model does no fit all; however, each model takes into account our climate targets

Both sending and receiving customers in the Nordic countries have positively welcomed the every-other day delivery model. The model has made it possible to keep the rise in costs in check even though the total number of items is still on a sharp downward decline. This makes it possible to extend the life cycle of printed mail delivery.

As one delivery method does not fit all, Posti is developing new delivery methods to meet different customer needs. In addition to the nationwide delivery requirements, they also take into account regional factors. Our services also include climate targets, which will also be of benefit to our customers. Thanks to route optimization, we have significantly reduced our mileage, fuel costs and CO2 emissions and committed ourselves to achieving zero emissions by 2030.

For our personnel, the change means more full-time work and less part-time work

In addition to keeping costs in check, one of our main goals is to keep the delivery personnel’s working hours full-time and to reduce part-time tasks. There will still be a need for part-time work, but the alternate-day model will better enable full-time work. According to the current estimate, no more than 17 employees will need to be laid-off from basic delivery in the Espoo area.

“In addition to full-time work, we will be able to build delivery and supervision packages that will make it possible to rotate work between different delivery tasks. More than before, the new delivery schedules will enable us to take into account our employees’ life situations. When it comes to employees losing their delivery jobs, together we will try to find them other work inside Posti Group,” says Hannu Riihimäki