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Postal Services is planning changes to deliveries in some parts of Central Finland and Eastern Pohjanmaa – the changes would have no effect on customers


Postal Services is planning changes to deliveries in some parts of Central Finland and Eastern Pohjanmaa. The mail delivery volume has decreased as a result of digital services and increased regional competition. With fewer deliveries and the needs of senders changing at an increasingly rapid pace, Posti has been forced to rethink its delivery services.

In the 2000s, the volume of letters has decreased by over 60% due to digital communications. Today, a household will only receive 3.5 addressed items per week on average.“Customers expect us to implement measures to reduce their delivery costs in all situations. Together with our personnel and customers, we have already implemented some changes to our mail delivery and the previous process in these regions. Once again, the situation has changed, so we will have to start negotiations with our employees from January 14 onward to discuss our plan,” explains Area Manager Reijo Uusihauta.

When implemented, these preliminary plans will not result in any service changes for either senders or mail recipients.

“Our goal is to maintain our ability to offer work to employees subject to the current negotiations, even if that means changing some of the work from full-time work to part-time work. At Posti, we all want to continue serving our customers in accordance with our agreements. In order to do that, we must keep our operations profitable so that we’re able to ensure continuous postal services for private customers and businesses at all times,” says Reijo Uusihauta.

Opportunities for extra work are taken into account in the plan

Senders’ service requirements vary, which means there are wild fluctuations in the daily volumes of delivered mail from one day to the next. This means that the need for personnel also varies from day to day.“Part-time work would enable us to ensure that we can still employ competent and experienced employees even if they have to work shorter days. Our aim is to offer them the option to work extra hours by means of deputizing for other employees or even performing completely new tasks for Posti Group,” concludes Reijo Uusihauta.The upcoming negotiations will only apply to the basic delivery by the Postal Services business group, not Posti’s other operations. The potential changes will not apply to either the early morning delivery of newspapers or parcel deliveries.