Postal Services: Following the holiday season, we are returning to the lightened Friday delivery on January 15


During the Christmas season, mail delivery was by far the busiest time of the year and there was plenty of mail to be distributed for each day of the week. The demand for services and the volume of printed mail always declines after the season, as has happened this year as well. Mail delivery will move back to the pre-season way, i.e. lightened Friday delivery for letters, magazines and advertisements on Friday 15th of January.

The return to the lightened Friday delivery will once again mean that items scheduled for Friday delivery (letters, some magazines and newspapers, ads) will be mainly delivered already on Thursday. The earlier deliveries are made possible by the fact that the lower Friday volume of mail can be sorted earlier.

Posti service points and customer service normally serve without changes.

Delivered on Friday:

Nowadays, a household will only receive 3.5 addressed items per week. In the 2000s, the number of letters has fallen by over 60% because of digital communications. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has further reduced the volume of letters especially.

“Mail recipients and our personnel are already familiar with the lightened Friday delivery. We switched to the lightened Friday delivery already last summer, with the COVID-19 pandemic reducing the volume of mail. It’s good to keep in mind that Posti operates entirely without public funding. Grouping mail delivery by mail volume is one way of keeping our operations profitable. This enables us to ensure continuous postal services for citizens and companies at all times,” says Sami Reponen, Production Director, Posti.