More precise delivery times and the option to track the delivery on a map: Posti introduces new, requested features for home deliveries of parcels



Posti starts sending customers a more precise delivery time for home deliveries of parcels and tracking the parcel in real time on a map in Vantaa. In May, Posti’s parcel deliveries will also become 24 hours faster in Vantaa. The more precise delivery times, map tracking and faster deliveries will also be implemented in other large Finnish cities in the autumn.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the popularity of parcel home deliveries, and as the amount of parcels have also increased, Posti has used customer feedback to develop the ease and efficiency of its delivery types. Consumers want their online purchases as well as their deliveries to be easy and effortless.

Due to the increased popularity, Posti has expedited its home deliveries and improved the accuracy of delivery times. In addition, the recipient can also choose a safe, no-contact parcel delivery. 

Now, Posti is introducing new features in its parcel home deliveries to further improve customer satisfaction. In Vantaa, Posti offers a more precise delivery window of +-15 minutes on the morning of the delivery day within the timeframe that the recipient has chosen before. In addition, the recipient will be able to track the parcel on a map in real time and enter information to make the driver’s work easier, such as a door code or buzzer instructions.

Tommi Kässi, responsible for Posti’s major Finnish parcel and e-commerce customers, explains:

“Our customer satisfaction in the home deliveries of parcels has been extremely high throughout the first part of the year. In April, for example, customer satisfaction was at 4.5/5. However, we want to offer our customers even better services, which is why we are now introducing the operating model familiar to customers of food e-commerce deliveries to our parcel deliveries too. Customers have been requesting more precise delivery times and a map tracking option, and we’re very pleased to be able to make this a reality. The better the customers can track and instruct the deliveries, the better our customer satisfaction and the higher the volume of e-commerce purchases.”

The new features will be expanded to other large Finnish cities in the autumn and included in OmaPosti.     

24 hours trimmed off of delivery times

In addition to tracking and more precise delivery times, the home deliveries of parcels will become 24 hours faster in Vantaa. For parcel recipients, this means that a delivery time inquiry received in the morning will offer the option of selecting a delivery time for that evening.

“Our operations are heavily guided by customer satisfaction and feedback, and we’ve expedited our development work concerning parcel deliveries. E-commerce is experiencing strong growth, and we want to be involved in making online shopping even easier. Deliveries play a huge role in that. Our goal is to increase the number of Parcel Lockers, improve the accuracy and speed of our deliveries and introduce advanced solutions on the market in cooperation with online retailers,” says Kässi.