Maija Kaski appointed Vice President Human Resources of Postal Services business group


Maija Kaski has been appointed Vice President Human Resources of the Postal Services business group as of September 27, 2021. Maija will be responsible for HR at the Postal Services business group as well as for renewing the service culture together with the leadership team and personnel of Postal Services.

Joining the leadership team of Postal Services, Maija will report to Yrjö Eskola, Senior Vice President, Postal Services. Maija will also be a member of Posti’s HR leadership team, headed by Timo Koskinen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Posti Group.

“A warm welcome to Posti, Maija. Maija has been working in HR for more than 20 years in different sectors, most recently for Enersense International, Empower and Talvivaara, so she has a comprehensive background in variety of HR management tasks. What she brings to the table is wide experience in transformation,” says Yrjö.

“I would also like to welcome Maija to Posti. I have to say that I am really excited. It is absolutely fantastic to have a top professional like Maija join our HR community here at Posti. With her experience and teamwork skills, Maija brings significant added value to the Postal Services business group, its HR department as well as the whole Group’s HR operations,” says Timo.

According to Maija, her impression of Posti is one of a positive, forward-looking organization with a real can-do attitude and committed employees.

“What attracted me to Posti especially is the combination of tradition and future solutions as well as the way Posti still remains a strong operator in this transformation where the work and the market are changing. And let’s not forget its sustainable way of operating. I believe that cooperation is the only way for organizations to achieve excellent results. A sustainable corporate and management culture that supports the business operations provides the personnel with an opportunity to grow and improve with the organization’s challenges. I am delighted to be given the chance to work side by side with Posti’s professionals, building a new future for the organization. I can’t wait to start our mutual journey,” says Maija.

Maija Kaski