Cards from Santa Claus’ elves to children SOS Children’s Villages works with – Valentine’s Day cards can do good


Santa Claus’ elves in the Arctic Circle have decided together to participate in the Valentine’s Day campaign, where you can send cards to someone you do not know personally. The cards produced by the elves will be sent to children SOS Children’s Villages works with, with Posti delivering the cards for Valentine’s Day. The last day for participating in the campaign is January 31st.

For the young children of the digital age, postcards may not be a familiar form of messaging, so a card may be a unique and pleasant surprise.

“A postcard will always put a smile on your face! Children find it fun to receive surprise cards from unknown friends. It’s great to be part of this campaign, which sparks joy,” says Annemi Usva-Vänttinen, Corporate Partnerships Manager at SOS Children’s Village.

Every year, Santa Claus receives half a million postcards and letters from children and adults all around the world, and Santa Claus and his elves also respond to them. Now the elves have decided to surprise children on Valentine’s Day as well. A card can also pass on joy to someone you might not know personally.

“Each card and letter brings to the Arctic Circle great joy and delivers a feeling of caring. For us elves up here in the north, we want to share this joy with others. This Valentine’s Day, we will send our greetings from the Arctic Circle to children SOS Children’s Villages works with,” says Chief Mail Elf Katja Tervonen.

Send your Valentine’s Day cards in good time

Posti will continue the cooperation it began with Bauer Media last year, with greetings sent to, among others, SOS Children’s Villages. Greetings can also be sent to the HelsinkiMissio charity and Rinnekoti disability services. Valentine’s Day cards to these recipients should be mailed by January 31st at the latest to ensure their delivery.

Posti’s Valentine’s Day campaign website includes instructions for sending your cards. Drop your cards in a mailbox before the collection time of the last mailing date.

Valentine’s Day cards for SOS Children’s Villages, Rinnekoti and HelsinkiMissio must be mailed at the latest by January 31st. Other Valentine’s Day cards must be mailed at the latest by February 8th. Valentine’s Day cards equipped with a Plus Sticker in addition to a regular postage stamp must be mailed at the latest by February 10th.

The theme of this year’s Valentine’s Day postage stamps is Let’s Take Care. The stamp booklet contains six different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs.

The roots of the international Day of Saint Valentinus date back to Ancient Rome in the second century. Internationally, the day is celebrated on February 14th. In Finland, the tradition began in the 1980s and is dedicated to friendship—ystävänpäivä means “Friends’ Day”. Deviating from the international theme, Valentine’s Day in Finland is dedicated to friends and not only celebrating romantic love. The Valentine’s Day celebrations were adopted in the Finnish calendar in the late-1980s. The Finnish Red Cross and Posti campaigned together for the celebration of friendship in 1987.