Posti and the Karjalainen newspaper to continue and develop the early-morning delivery of newspapers


Posti and the Karjalainen newspaper have signed a contract extension running until the end of 2026 for the early-morning delivery of newspapers. The home-delivered morning paper is an important and much-loved part of the Finnish media.

Early-morning delivery is an important part of the newspaper service, as readers want to receive the newspaper at home during the early morning hours. Publishing houses and newspaper subscribers expect high-quality service from Posti. However, early-morning delivery costs must not become an obstacle to newspaper subscriptions.

The contract extension helps to secure future deliveries. The development of delivery solutions in close cooperation creates the foundation for a sustainable delivery cost trend. Development of the joint use of new delivery solutions and distribution networks better takes into account sustainability matters important to subscribers, Posti and Karjalainen, such as climate targets.

“The long-term partnership between Karjalainen and Posti will continue toward the end of the 2020s. Karjalainen has often been at the forefront of developing delivery solutions, and we expect this trend to continue in the future. At Posti, we want to use our excellent know-how to extend the life cycle of printed newspapers,” says Kimmo Kauranen, Vice President, Media and Partners, Posti.

“Our first-class strategic partnership with Posti has been very productive, and we wanted to ensure its continuation in the future. We are a prominent publisher and a responsible medium, while Posti is the leading early-morning newspaper delivery operator in Finland,” says Pasi Koivumaa, Editor-in-chief and CEO of Karjalainen.

Posti’s early-morning delivery business has grown in recent years. Posti delivers newspapers seven days a week (depending on the days newspapers are published). Currently, Posti carries out early-morning delivery in the capital region as well as in East Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa, Satakunta, South-Eastern Finland, South Savo, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and North Karelia. Posti’s early-morning delivery employs approximately 2,400 deliverers.