E-commerce continues to grow rapidly: Posti will soon have 2,000 parcel lockers


Posti is responding to the strong growth of e-commerce by greatly extending its parcel locker network. Over the summer, the number of Posti parcel lockers will increase by over a hundred to 2,000. Posti aims to have a network of 4,000 parcel lockers by 2022.

“Soon, up to 85% of Finns will have a Posti parcel locker less than one kilometer from their home. Finns like parcel lockers because they are located along everyday routes and have long opening hours,” says Heiko Laubach, Posti’s Head of Retail Network. 

Posti’s retail network, including pickup points where customers can be served in person, consists of a total of 2,800 service points. By the end of this year, parcels delivered by Posti can be picked up from 3,000 pickup points throughout Finland.

The smart technology and back-end systems of Posti parcel lockers are constantly being developed

Posti has significantly increased the use of smart technology in its new parcel lockers. The lock technology of the first 200 white Posti parcel lockers with separate locker locks will also be updated over the summer.

In practice, updating the technology means that items cannot be sent from or routed to the parcel locker during the maintenance. However, parcels that are already in the parcel locker can be picked up also during the maintenance. The parcel lockers and their maintenance schedules can be viewed on Posti’s website.

“We want to introduce more ways to use parcel lockers and use data to develop our back-end systems, which help improve the customer experience. For example, customers will in the future be able to open a locker using the OmaPosti app on their phone,” says Laubach.

Parcel rush at Posti's Vantaa logistics center in May 2020

Smoother parcel delivery with special arrangements

Parcel volumes have reached record levels due to the current exceptional circumstances. In order to meet the rapidly increased demand for delivery services, Posti has made several special arrangements.

In addition to speeding up the expansion of the parcel locker network, Posti has also established temporary parcel pickup points, which are normally used during the Christmas season. Parcels are also sorted and delivered to Posti’s pickup points according to an accelerated schedule also on weekends in the capital region and larger cities. Home deliveries for Home Parcels are increasingly carried out also on Saturdays. 

Popular pickup points fill up quickly, which means that parcels cannot always be routed to the pickup point selected by the customer.

“I understand the frustration customers can feel when their parcel does not end up in the pickup point they wanted to use.  The major expansion of the Parcel Locker network as well as the expansion of existing popular Parcel Lockers are examples of the measures we are taking to improve the situation,” says Laubach.