Food for the elderly by way of Posti’s and Logisnext Finland’s scooters


Posti is involved in the ‘Helsinki apu’ project to ensure food deliveries for the elderly. Together, Posti and Logisnext Finland (previously Rocla Solutions) are lending the City of Helsinki 14 electric scooters to enable the employees of the Helsinki parish as well as volunteers to deliver bags of groceries to the homes of those who are 70+ years old.

“It’s great that we were able to lend the electric scooters that we were receiving for this activity on a temporary basis. At Posti, we also love being able to contribute to social responsibility in this way,” says Posti’s Kari Tuomola.

“The long cooperation between Posti and Logisnext Finland Oy makes it possible to quickly launch a social responsibility project like this,” says Juha Ruotsalainen, Logisnext Finland.

Logisnext Finland and Posti will trains the drivers. In addition to driving training, the drivers will also adhere to all of the precautionary measures taken by Posti due to the coronavirus. Logisnext Finland will also ensure that the scooters remain in good working condition. The company will provide the scooters with full service and spare parts.

Food deliveries to the elderly will be made using Posti’s scooters during the month of April.

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