Transval Group's Jussi-Pekka Hoskari elected chairman of the board of Limowa ry


Jussi-Pekka Hoskari


Jussi-Pekka Hoskari, Director of Transval's Industrial Services, has been elected chairman of the board of Limowa ry, the logistics development and cooperation network. Hoskari previously served as vice chairman of the board.

Limowa focuses on intelligent logistics solutions and increases the competitiveness of Finnish companies. The association's activities involve logistics professionals and operators from both companies and the societal sector. Transval is one of the long-standing members of the association.

Jussi-Pekka Hoskari states that especially in unexpected and rapidly changing situations, the importance of working together is emphasized.

"By working together and with a good partnership network, we can make corporate logistics more efficient by optimizing the flow of materials as well as with the expertise of logistics professionals. This lays the foundation for the success of companies and communities in situations requiring flexibility. The situation and the need for flexibility have become apparent for example now during COVID-19.

Transval will organize webinars for Limowa's member companies on, among other things, improving the efficiency of in-house logistics, the use of lean six sigma in logistics planning, issues to be considered in logistics / warehouse outsourcing, and the possibilities of using automation in logistics.


More information about Limowa ry.