This summer, despite the coronavirus crisis, Posti will be providing many young people with their first summer job


For nearly 400 years, Posti has provided the first job for many generations. Over the course of history, Posti’s employees have worked in many exceptional circumstances because Posti has an important role to play in ensuring Finland’s security of supply and supporting the citizens’ daily life. This summer, once again, around 2,000 summer employees will be lining up to learn and to serve our customers.

Once again, Posti’s employees will have the pleasure of welcoming new summer employees in their ranks. Mainly, the seasonal summer employees will be performing delivery, sorting and other logistical service tasks.  Some of Posti’s summer job openings have already been filled this spring but there are still currently open positions around Finland, primarily in the Helsinki area. In the summer vacation period, the seasonal summer employees will be given the responsibility of deputizing for the regular employees.

“I want to extend a warm welcome to all of our summer employees. Back in the day, I myself worked as a seasonal summer employee at Posti, and this remains a fine place to work. We have an important role to play, especially now, during the coronavirus crisis. Posti’s employees support the daily lives of both companies and private persons in may different ways,” says Sami Reponen, Production Director, Postal Services.

Postal work means providing a service, where customer satisfaction is palpable in the way of instant feedback.

“We make sure that the delivery of mail, newspapers, parcels, goods, groceries and meals as well as many other services are running smoothly. Health and safety is always a high priority in our work, and we pay special attention to it now, in the time of the coronavirus. We work in a way that enables us to avoid getting an infection or infecting others. Postal work is always a big responsibility, and everyone’s contribution is important,” emphasizes Sami Reponen.

Every summer employee will receive orientation from an experienced colleague

Posti is its employees, which means that the role of a responsible employer extends to the way we welcome newcomers, work with them and guide them in a positive way.

Salary payments, tools, occupational safety, health care and other employer’s responsibilities as well as the benefits offered by the employer are managed by means of agreements and guidelines, also when it comes to summer employees. 

“It’s a great feeling to see that young people trust us and want to come to work for us, maybe as their first job. If you are interested in working hard and being part of a work community, we will provide you with a good toolset for your future working life. Via our services, we are part of the life of every Finnish home and business – which means that we get the opportunity to make people happy on a daily basis!” summarizes Sami Reponen.

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