The Mail a Conscript campaign has begun


The Finnish Defence Forces and Posti have launched a joint #Postiavarusmiehelle campaign (#MailaConscript in English). The goal of the campaign is to encourage family members and loved ones to remember those who are serving in the military with cards and letters. Despite the current coronavirus pandemic, mail is delivered to garrisons as before.

Because of the state of emergency, conscripts have to spend longer periods of time serving than usual, and visitors are not allowed in the garrison area. It may be tough to be separated from loved ones. Receiving a letter or a card can brighten up the daily service.

A traditional card or letter is a personal and warm idea. Actual letters and cards are often stored for a longer time than electronic messages.

Conscripts can also remember their loved ones with letters. Stamps and cards are available at the Home Canteens and Home Canteen cars.

As the campaign progresses, Posti will remember conscripts by donating stamps so that they can remember their loved ones as well.

It is possible to send gifts that are under 3 cm thick as a letter as long as the contents are not fragile. Use a padded envelope, such as an envelope with bubble wrap, for mailing. The total thickness of the letter must be under 3 cm and weight under 2 kg.

To send a letter, you need the following information for the recipient:

Name of conscript
Basic unit
P.O. Box
Postal code and city/municipality

Contact details for the divisions are available on the Finnish Defence Forces website under Contact information. Further information is available on the Finnish Postia varusmiehelle website.

#Postiavarusmiehelle #posttillbeväringen

On May 13, Posti is launching its own campaign site where you can find further instructions on how to send letters and cards.