Posti's services during Midsummer week


From Monday (June 15) to Wednesday (June 17) Posti’s own shops will be open according to the normal opening hours. On Thursday (June 18) Posti's own shops will be open until 6 p.m. The shops will be closed on Friday, Midsummer’s Eve (June 19), and on Saturday, Midsummer’s Day (June 20). However, the Helsinki Main Post Office will be open on Midsummer’s Eve until 12 a.m.

Many of Posti's service points operate on the premises of Posti's partner and they are usually open according to the partners' business opening hours. In these cases, you can check the exceptional opening hours on each partner's website. For more information about Posti's service points, go to:

Posti is sorting and delivering parcels to the pick-up points also on Midsummer’s Eve within the Greater Helsinki region and the bigger cities. Posti has been forced to close some of its service points and mailboxes due to the coronavirus. You can find a list of the currently unavailable service points and parcel lockers on our website.

Mail will not be delivered on Friday, Midsummer’s Eve (June 19), except for newspapers. Newspapers delivered in early-morning delivery will be delivered on Friday morning, as usual. From Monday (June 15) to Thursday (June 18), mail will be delivered according to the normal delivery schedule.