Posti will deliver reusable shopping bags in week 6 – Posti to participate in the Plastic Bag Free Kerava project


Sustainability and emissions reductions are significant parts of Posti’s operations. For instance, Posti cooperates with its partners in packaging material selection and development as well as recycling. The Plastic Bag Free Kerava project provides residents with an opportunity to make sustainable choices for the environment in their daily lives. Posti supports the project by delivering reusable bags made of wood fibers and donated by Paptic to every home in Kerava.

“Plastic is an unbeatable alternative for some purposes, but the use of plastic could often be reduced and the plastic material recycled or replaced with renewable materials. It is good that as consumers we are encouraged to think about responsible choices,” says Kaj Kulp from Posti.

We will start delivering the bags to homes in Kerava on Monday, 3 February. A total of 17,500 bags are waiting to be delivered. Bags will be delivered together with the general mail delivery every day of the week.

Posti wants to support the Plastic Bag Free Kerava project due to its uniqueness and sustainable values. The pilot project was launched in November 2018.

“It is great that this project concerns the entire city and the model can be utilized elsewhere as well. At Posti, we believe that even the smallest actions can have a big impact on the flow of everyday life and sustainable development, and we cooperate closely with our customers. For instance, we are constantly thinking about how we could utilize technology in sorting items to reduce the use of plastic in packaging and wrapping,” says Kaj Kulp.

All of Posti’s services in Finland are 100% carbon neutral. This is due to Posti’s Environmental Program and voluntary emissions compensation.

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