Posti survey: Nearly 25% of Finns have increased their online shopping during the coronavirus crisis



The survey conducted by Kantar TNS for Posti reveals that nearly 25% of Finns say that they have increased their online shopping due to the emergency arising from the coronavirus. The increase is sharpest in the 18–34 age group, but there has been a clear increase among all age groups.  At Posti, the parcel volume has increased at a rapid pace. Last week, Posti delivered more than one million parcels to its customers.

The coronavirus emergency has created a clear spike in the online shopping behavior of Finns. Online shopping has increased among all age groups in the last few weeks. This much is clear based on the survey carried out by TNS Kantar on behalf of Posti. At the turn of March and April, more than 1,000 Finns had responded to the survey. The respondents represent a comprehensive sample of Finns.

“Online shopping has become important in a short time span because people are staying at home but they still want to shop for their daily needs. Based on our previous surveys, roughly half of Finns have bought something online at least once a month, and more and more people are now buying something online every week,” estimates Arttu Hollmérus, Vice President, Large Domestic Customers, Parcel and eCommerce, Posti.

The sharpest rise in online shopping has occurred in the 18–34 age group, which already boasts the most active online shopping behavior. But even in the oldest age group of 65–79, that is the least likely to use online shopping in normal conditions, 12% reported that they had increased their online shopping due to the emergency. Regionally viewed, online shopping is most common in the capital region (27%), but even in the sparsely populated areas the growth has been around a fifth (18%).

Viewed by product group, online shopping has increased in nearly all of the product groups. The time spent at home and the isolation are particularly evident in the strong growth in the sales of food, medicine as well as different games, hobby products and books.

Posti’s survey limited online shopping to ordering goods from online stores. For instance, subscribing to services or digital contents was excluded from the survey.


Posti delivered more than a million parcels in a week

Large demand poses a challenge for online stores, especially in terms of storage and logistics. In the survey,

12% of the respondents said that they were unable to make online purchases because the product was out of stock or transport was not available.

“Posti’s parcel volume has increased sharply as a result of the coronavirus crisis. For example, we delivered more than a million parcels last week. The number of Home Parcels has also multiplied compared to before. Despite the rapid growth, we have been able to increase our capacity throughout the country. However, we have been forced to resort to special arrangements to get everything delivered. We have employed hundreds of subcontractors and we are doing everything within our power to support Finnish commerce in this challenging situation,” says Hollmérus.