Posti has already delivered the government’s coronavirus info packages


Posti has been helping to distribute the authorities’ letter to citizens regarding the coronavirus. Posti’s task was to deliver the important information packages in parts of Finland. Some parts of the country were covered by another delivery company.

In the postal code areas assigned to Posti, the letters to citizens were delivered on April 2 in the Helsinki area. More letters have been delivered yesterday, Wednesday, April 8, as well as today, Thursday, April 9.

“Based on our delivery persons’ feedback from the delivery routes, we have been able to deliver our share of the letters to the recipients’ homes as agreed. In this coronavirus crisis, the importance of cooperation between the different actors has been highlighted even more than before. It is natural and important for Posti to do our bit for social responsibility,” says Posti’s Sami Reponen.

In Keminmaa and Virrat, the letter to citizens will be delivered to some households after Easter because Posti did not receive a sufficient number of the letters to deliver them to all homes.

Each delivery company is responsible for its own operations

In the area assigned to Posti, you can send feedback via our customer service using the service form at

When it comes to the other areas, you can send feedback to Suomen Suoramainonta according to the instructions on the company’s website. (In Finnish)

You can send feedback also to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (In Finnish)

The government decided on March 12 to send an info package to the homes of all Finns as part of the effort to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. The letter was implemented by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The purpose of the letter is to ensure that each citizen receives information about the coronavirus and how to prepare for it.