Posti: Houses under renovation may face changes in mail delivery


When apartment buildings are under renovation, shipments cannot always be delivered in mail slots in the usual manner. Instead, shipments will be transferred for pickup at Posti's service points, or the mail recipient may have their shipments temporarily forwarded to another address.

In the capital region alone, there are approximately one hundred properties undergoing large renovations right now. This prevents early-morning delivery of newspapers as well as other mail delivery at least partially during the renovation.

“Sometimes, mail cannot be delivered because moving in the stairwell is restricted, or apartment doors are being renovated or they have not been locked. We also take care of the occupational safety of our personnel, which means that moving around in the stairwell cannot endanger anyone’s safety,” says Area Manager Tomi Huhtala from Posti.

Tomi Huhtala encourages mail recipients to consult their building’s noticeboard, property manager or chairman of the housing company by the time the renovation starts to see whether there will be changes in the mail delivery.

“Sometimes, residents have not noticed that the housing company has made a decision regarding changes in mail delivery. If they are no longer receiving mail, it’s easy to assume it’s a mistake if they do not check the matter. In reality, this is not the case as the housing company has agreed to the change,” Tomi Huhtala explains.

Five tips for property managers, housing companies and residents

1. When a housing company is planning a renovation, it’s a good idea to contact Posti already in the planning stage. This means we can find the best solution to avoid disruptions in mail delivery as much as possible.

2. How residents are informed of the changes in mail delivery is decided upon together with the property manager or housing company. Generally, Posti will leave an announcement on the noticeboard with instructions for residents. The property manager might also deliver announcements to each apartment and use electronic channels.

3. If the end date of the renovation is known, mail delivery will resume normal operations after that date. Sometimes, housing companies may decide to have doors without mail slots, in which case mail is delivered to apartment-specific pigeonhole units downstairs.

4. If a resident does not want to pick up their mail from the Posti service point the housing company has decided on, they can order fixed-term forwarding to another address. If a resident will no longer be returning to the same address after the renovation, they must make a change of address.

5. Besides Posti, 16 other delivery companies also deliver mail. The housing company must agree on the changes in mail delivery during the renovation separately with each company. Each delivery company is responsible for its own services. Traficom maintains a register of postal operations.