New appointments in Posti Group’s Leadership Team and business groups


 Johannes Gussander, Arttu Hollmérus, Sakari Kiiskinen.

Johannes Gussander, 40, CEO of Aditro Logistics, has been appointed as a member of Posti Group’s Leadership Team. He joined the Swedish logistics company Aditro Logistics in 2015 and has served as its CEO since 2017. Posti acquired Aditro Logistics in April 2020.

Arttu Hollmérus, M.Sc. (Econ.), 35, has been appointed as SVP, Parcel and eCommerce business group and a member of Posti Group’s Leadership Team. Hollmérus previously served as the VP, Large Domestic Customers in the Parcel and eCommerce business group. Prior to joining Posti, he held positions at Lowell, Intrum, and Lindorff, among others.

Sakari Kiiskinen, 46, has been appointed as interim head of the Transval business group and a member of Posti Group’s Leadership Team. Kiiskinen has worked in various management positions at Transval for more than 10 years and served as Deputy Managing Director from 2017. Posti acquired Transval in January 2019. After this he has led Transval’s People Solutions business unit.

All of the above appointments will be effective as of 1 May 2020.

“I am very pleased to have the new members strengthening our Leadership Team. Together, we will continue the determined implementation of our long-term strategy. We are seeking growth especially in Parcel and eCommerce and Logistics, where we see great potential for us in the future,” says Turkka Kuusisto, President and CEO of Posti Group.

After the appointments, Posti Group’s Leadership Team as of 1 May 2020 comprises the following members: