The stamps released in June will feature six innovations, eight wild flowers and two animals familiar from the yard


On Wednesday, June 3, Posti will release three new stamp publications with 16 different stamps. The stamps will feature Finnish innovations, wild flowers and familiar small mammals you might encounter in your yard.

In our day-to-day lives, we use many Finnish innovations that were born out of the need to make daily life easier. Designed by Susanna Rumpu and Ari Lakaniemi, the stamps showcase six Finnish innovations that are also internationally famous: the heart rate monitor, xylitol, the Rapala wobbler lure, the Abloy lock, the pedestrian safety reflector and the winter tire.

The cover of the book of stamps shows the product pictures of the innovations in their early stages in chronological order. According to the designer pair, the stamps themselves portray the modern versions of the products in different seasons, from early spring to winter. In this fashion, the booklet and stamps depict the picture of the times and changes in design, in addition to the development of the products.

The Made in Finland stamp booklet contains six domestic no-value indicator stamps.


Wild flowers celebrate the International Year of Plant Health

Posti celebrates the UN International Year of Plant Health 2020 with a roll of stamps that features wild flowers in bloom. The UN theme year was suggested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The goal of the International Year of Plant Health is to provide information and improve the understanding of the importance of healthy plants for food security and the workings of the ecosystem, for example.

In Finland, the International Year of Plant Health also includes taking notice of the decreasing number of pollinators. Without wild flowers and the insects that pollinate them, many crops would also be in trouble. The number of pollinators has decreased because they are lacking nesting places, which people are encouraged to provide by the Hyönteishotellit2020 and Pelasta Pörriäinen campaigns, for example.

The Wild Flowers stamps, designed by Paula Salviander, will be issued as a roll of 100 stamps. The eight different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs included in the roll feature the common hepatica, the lily of the valley, the wild pansy, the harebell, the meadow buttercup, the red clover, the ox-eye daisy and the wood cranesbill.


Adorable sniffler and speedster

Hedgehogs and squirrels are common visitors in people’s yards. In June, they will also feature in the stamps designed by Stiina Hovi. The stamps are issued as part of the Norden series, which is a joint project by the Nordic postal administrations. This year’s theme is mammals.

Designing the stamps was a welcome assignment for Stiina Hovi. “Hedgehogs and squirrels are likeable little creatures, who play their own important role in the natural cycle. One is an adorable sniffler that waddles around at twilight, looking for insects. The other is a speedster that deftly snatches a peanut off a bird feeder in its mouth and climbs up the tree in the yard in a flash to nibble on the treat.

Norden: Yard Visitors is a stamp sheet containing 10 domestic no-value indicator stamps with two different stamp designs.


NOTE! Due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus situation, Posti will not organize a first-day event for the stamps published in June.

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