Corona situation has doubled the number of e-commerce purchases globally - postal and logistics companies work together to reduce emissions from transport



The current corona situation has increased the demand for e-commerce in the world. A survey* commissioned by the international Postal organization IPC in eight countries, including Finland, shows that one in two consumers (52%) has made more purchases in their domestic online stores. Almost the same number (49%) believe that they will continue to follow the same pattern in the future.
Postal and logistics companies have played a significant role in transporting goods and essential supplies during the coronation situation. The increased volume of transport is also reflected in the need to combat emissions. Today, for the second time, International Green Postal Day is a reminder of the companies' joint efforts to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals** and reduce emissions from transport. Postal and logistics companies in 19 different countries are committed to the industry's common, internationally unique, Sustainability Measurement and Management System (SMMS).
Working together has brought results. According to recent figures published today, the CO2 emissions of the 19 companies participating in the scheme have been reduced by 31% since 2008 - well above the 20% reduction target set for 2020. The number of electric vehicles has risen by ten percent and now represents 15 percent of the total fleet. Renewable electricity accounts for 31% of electricity consumption in buildings. Almost half of the waste (47%) is reused or recycled.
In Finland, Posti got very close to its target of 30 percent emission reductions last year compared to the 2007 level. A new, very ambitious goal is to reach full zero in our own emissions by 2030.
During the past year, progress has been made towards the goal, for example, by changing the fuel of parcel vans to renewable diesel and by acquiring ten new biogas trucks for heavy traffic. In the past, there were already six of these trucks in use. In postal delivery, 38% of households are already reached by electricity, such as electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric delivery carts, or electric cars.
“Based on the study now conducted, the growth of e-commerce will also continue globally and therefore it is very important that companies continue their global collaboration to reduce emissions from transportation. Today's Green Postal Day is a good time to stop to look at the results we have achieved together on the way to lower-emission transport,” says Noomi Jägerhorn, Posti's Director of Responsibility. "I am very proud of the fact that we in Finland have decided to have the most ambitious goal, full zero."
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