More specific advance information required on the contents of letters and parcels containing goods sent outside the EU as of early 2021


In accordance with the international regulations reform, more specific advance information will be required on the contents of goods-containing postal items (letters and parcels) sent outside the EU (including the Åland Islands). The information is transmitted to the postal operator of the destination country and the potential transit country and forwarded to customs authorities, for example. Insufficient information may lead to the item being returned to the sender.

The reform will enter into force at the beginning of 2021. Due to the new requirements, we have changed the terms of our letter and international parcel services (Forwarding and customs clearance of postal items 7.3).

What to do when shipping goods outside the EU (incl. Åland Islands) as of January 1, 2021:

If you are paying with cash and sending the item outside the EU (including Åland Islands), use the customs declaration CN22 or CN23 to report the content information of the item both on the item and electronically. The information is delivered to the necessary parties when you fill it out in our web service at or when you visit a Posti outlet.

Required information:

Add a filled-out CN22 customs declaration with a bar code on top of letter items (electronically filled out at ). The printout or label must be signed and dated.

If the value of the contents of the letter or parcel exceeds SDR 300 (about EUR 350), also attach a CN23 customs declaration in accordance with the instructions of the destination country. If necessary, you can print out a CN23 customs declaration on the Posti website or pick up a declaration at a Posti outlet.