Friendship means shared joy – send your Valentine’s Day cards on February 12 at the latest


Friends and other important people are remembered on Thursday February 14. Friendships are a valuable resource and often continue throughout life. Friendships may have different meanings in different stages of life, but the same unifying fact remains: a desire to share the joys and sorrows of life with each other. A postcard is an easy and affordable means to show appreciation for your friends. Valentine’s Day cards must be sent on Tuesday February 12 at the latest.

"People encounter all kinds of situations in their lives. Support from friends is an irreplaceable resource during times of joy and sorrow. We cannot thank our friends enough for their presence,” says Product Manager Johanna Rouhe from Posti.

A real card is emotional and touching

Posti outlets sell Valentine’s Day cards and stamps. Furthermore, Posti will deliver a Valentine’s Day card in the Postinen advertisement bundle on Wednesday February 6, which can be sent to surprise a friend. Posti’s Valentine’s Day campaign website includes instructions for sending the card, and you can also enter a Valentine’s Day contest on the website.

“Sending a card requires a bit more effort than just clicking an icon in social media. Even during busy everyday life, friendships should be considered as a thing that promotes the wellbeing of both parties. Great joy can be created with a small amount of effort,” says Rouhe.

The theme of the Valentine’s Day cards is the friendship of people of different ages

The 2019 Valentine’s Day stamps were designed by Matti Pikkujämsä who is known, for example, for his book and magazine illustrations and portraits. The Valentine’s Day cards of this spring illustrate the friendship of people of different ages and doing things together.

“I travelled to stay with my friend in Northern Finland when I was designing the stamp illustrations. We talked about swimming and other nice activities that can be done together with friends. These were the settings that created the themes for the stamps,” says Pikkujämsä.

The Shared Joy stamp booklet contains six domestic no-value indicator stamps.

The Valentine’s Day celebrations were adopted in the Finnish calendar at the end of the 1980s. The Finnish Red Cross and Posti campaigned for the celebration of friendship in 1987.