Express your gratitude to veterans with a postcard – Posti and the War Veteran Associations to organize a card campaign


Posti and the War Veteran Associations will organize a card campaign for the fifth time. This card campaign provides all Finns with an easy opportunity to bring joy to veterans and create memories with a postcard. With these cards, you can express your gratitude to veterans for their efforts to preserve Finland’s independence, and also bring great joy to their lives. Cards can be sent until November 13, and Posti will then deliver them to the veterans by Independence Day.

Posti will deliver the cards to veterans in accordance with address information provided by Finland's War Veteran Association (Suomen Sotaveteraaniliitto), the Disabled War Veterans Association of Finland (Sotainvalidien Veljesliitto) and Veteran Soldiers (Rintamaveteraaniliitto), and to war widows in accordance with address information provided by the Aid Society for War Widows and Relatives of the Fallen (Kaatuneitten Omaisten liitto).

There are approximately 9,000 veterans and approximately 20,000 spouses or widows of veterans in Finland.

Cards can be sent by private individuals, school classes, communities as well as companies.

Write your greetings on the card and address the card to a war veteran. Attach a stamp and send the card to the address:

Posti Ltd / A card to a veteran
P.O. Box 7230, 00002 HELSINKI

You can send several cards in one envelope. You do not need to attach stamps or add address information on the cards inside the envelope.