Most of Posti’s postage fees for international parcels to be reduced as of February 1, 2020


Posti is renewing the postage pricing of international parcels paid for with cash and credit cards as of February 1, 2020. The fees for most parcels sent to Europe will be reduced at the beginning of February. Furthermore, the fees for Express parcels will mainly be reduced regardless of the destination country. However, the fees for parcels sent outside Europe or distant countries will increase. 

Parcels can be sent abroad through Posti as postal parcels or Express parcels delivered to the doorstep. Sending a parcel is more affordable as self-service, in other words, by sending it with the OmaPosti application or online. The price of a small postal parcel (size S) to Sweden will decrease from EUR 22.90 to EUR 13.90.

Examples of other parcel prices:

A pre-paid parcel can be dropped off at any of the nearly 1,700 Posti Parcel Lockers or at a Posti outlet.

New service makes parcels to the Baltics more affordable

Posti has cooperated with its subsidiaries in the Baltic countries to develop a new service that makes parcel postage fees to the Baltics more affordable with delivery of 1–2 days. For example, the price of a small parcel (size S) will be reduced from EUR 22.90 to EUR 10.90.

“The parcel volumes to Estonia, for example, have increased by 15% from the beginning of the year. We are happy to transfer the service development benefits directly to consumer prices,” says Sami Finne, Vice President, International eCommerce at Posti.

The price of a parcel sent abroad depends on the tariff zone of the destination country and the size (when using self-service) or weight (when sent from a Posti service point) of the parcel. The Baltic countries are now part of the new Baltic zone instead of the previous tariff zone 1. The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, previously included in tariff zone 1, will be transferred to zone 2 when sent from a Posti service point as of February.

More information on sending an international parcel.