The total salary of Posti’s parcel sorters will remain the same for more than two years, and the new salary model will also secure salaries after this


The collective agreement negotiations between Palta and PAU have highlighted the fact that Posti’s parcel sorters became subject to another collective agreement on November 1, 2019, whereby the employers are represented by the Finnish Media Federation.

The Finnish Media Federation and the Industrial Union have agreed the parcel sorters’ terms of employment and for salaries to remain the same until the end of January 2022. As a consequence, the matter cannot be negotiated by Palta as Palta only negotiates on behalf of its own members.

“We have guaranteed salaries at the personal level for more than two years. We want to pay competitive salaries, and I am fully convinced that our new salary model will also ensure the salaries after the more-than-two-year transition period. Nobody’s salary is about to take a nosedive. In addition, employees have the chance to earn more,” emphasizes Turkka Kuusisto, the interim CEO of Posti.

As the transition period is so long, it will provide Posti and the personnel with the opportunity to ensure the functionality of the model and give the personnel time to get used to the new salary model. The reward model ensures that each employee is paid a productivity bonus on top of the salary table in accordance with the collective agreement.

The change is supported by the Government’s ownership steering

The change is supported by the Government’s ownership steering. Posti has acted responsibly in the matter, ensuring salaries for more than two years.

“The revolution in the mail sector will not simply disappear, and the decisions regarding the transfer of the parcel sorters have been made with the support of the Government’s ownership steering. It is unreasonable to apply the brakes on the negotiations and agreement between Palta and PAU because of this matter that has already been settled,” Turkka Kuusisto continues.