PAU’s strike is over – all of Posti’s services are back in use on Black Friday, and Christmas deliveries will be completed on time


The collective agreement negotiations between Palta and PAU have been concluded and a new agreement has been reached. Industrial peace will be restored at Posti. PAU’s strikes will end immediately and personnel return to work. All of Posti’s services will become available again, and Posti will be able to disassemble the congestion generated during the strike.

“We are ready for the Black Friday peak season of online sales as well as the Christmas peak season. We will restore our normal operations as soon as possible. We were able to take care of some of the deliveries during the strike, avoiding a bad congestion. We would like to thank our customers for their faith and patience during the strike. All of our services are now back in use, and new mail can be sent,” says Jarmo Ainasoja, Head of Exception Management at Posti.

According to the current estimate, most of the shipments delayed by the strike can be delivered by Christmas at the latest. A small number of shipments may be delayed until early January. The estimate will become clearer once the mail delivery work has commenced.

Current estimate of the restoration of services after PAU’s strike and the sympathy strikes

Parcel deliveries went well despite the strike, and most parcels were delivered to customers according to the normal timetable, especially in the bigger cities. In some places, some parcel deliveries may be delayed by a week. Parcels have a tracking code, and you can track the progress of your parcel yourself using the OmaPosti application on your phone or at

The strike did not affect the early-morning delivery of newspapers, the majority of Posti's service points (Posti outlets, Posti Parcel Lockers and stamp sales) or warehousing services. The impact on Freight Services was minor.

Work related to safety and health (including local and national delivery of food, foodstuff, groceries, pharmaceuticals and hospital products that are related to health and safety) was also not affected by the strike. To a large degree, it was managed via special arrangements.

The delivery of the letters, magazines and advertisements stored by Posti during the strike may be delayed by several days, even weeks. These items will be delivered to the recipients together with the shipments mailed after the strike.

Items stored during the strike will be processed by transport, sorting and delivery in an order that expedites the delivery of all shipments delayed by the strike as much as possible.

Place Christmas cards in Posti’s red envelopes and send parcels

You can already send your Christmas cards and parcels. Posti’s traditional red mailing envelope for sending Christmas cards has already been distributed to many homes. You can get the red envelopes free of charge from Posti's service points. Some shops also have them with the Christmas cards. It is also good to get ready to send international parcels and Christmas greetings. Christmas stamps are also already available for purchase. You can find information and instructions regarding Christmas deliveries at

“Christmas is an important and traditional time to remember our friends and family. It is also the most important time of the year for us here at Posti. We are glad that approximately 3,000 seasonal employees are once again working with us in the run-up to Christmas. Altogether, there are roughly 20,000 of us serving our customers during the Christmas period,” says Jarmo Ainasoja.