PAU’s strikes hinder domestic and international mail delivery UPDATED at 6:00 p.m.


Update at 6.00 p.m:

A minority of letters, magazines and advertisements have been delivered by the working personnel around Finland. In other respects, there are no changes in the estimates regarding the effects of the strike. The next update will be published on Wednesday, November 13, around 12:00 p.m.



The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU’s strike, which will hinder mail delivery, started on Monday, November 11. The estimates regarding the effects of the strike will become clearer each day. The strike affects some of Posti’s services.

“PAU has started a strike that will last two weeks according to the statement issued by PAU. Unfortunately, PAU has also threatened an additional two-week strike. We will do everything within our power to minimize the effect of the strike. As some of our personnel are still working, we are able to deliver some of the shipments,” says Jarmo Ainasoja, Head of Exception Management, Posti.

On Sunday, PAU announced potential new strikes that will start after the current strike, if an agreement cannot be reached in the collective agreement negotiations. The negotiations will continue on November 13. The effects of the potential new strikes will be assessed and communicated later.

Current estimate of the effect of PAU’s strike that began today as well as the sympathy strikes

When it comes to domestic mail, the effects are nationwide.

Services that are open or operate as normal:

- Early-morning newspaper delivery
- Service points (mail and parcel terminals as well as the retail sale of stamps)
- Some parcels (some will be delivered as normal, others may be delayed by several days)
- Warehousing services
- Freight services (no material delays expected)
- Work related to safety and health (including local and national delivery of food, foodstuff, groceries, pharmaceuticals and hospital products that are related to health and safety)

“With regard to deliveries related to safety and health, Posti expects PAU to fulfill its promised responsibility and help to ensure the normal delivery of these extremely important items,” says Ainasoja.

Delays due to the strike:

- Letters
- Magazines
- Direct marketing, i.e. advertisements
- Instructions regarding mail forwarding (change of address, mail delivery interruption, fixed-term forwarding) submitted using a paper form

For these deliveries, the delays may be several weeks long.

Change of address, mail delivery interruption or fixed-term forwarding should be done online at

Effects on international deliveries:

The measures of support of the Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) regarding PAU’s strike will apply to the handling of mail at airports.

The aim is to deliver parcels and pallet shipments arriving from or delivered to Sweden or the Baltic countries in accordance with the service promise, but delays of a few days may occur.

Other parcels within the EU will most likely be delayed by a few days. Most parcels to/from Europe are delivered as road transport, so the effect on them is minimal.

The strike has the greatest effect on international parcels and letter items delivered by air transport to/from countries outside of Europe (such as the US, Japan or China). Such shipments will not be sent until after the strike.

The letterbox-delivery of international letters, magazines and advertisements will also be suspended.

Information regarding the effects of the strike will be communicated twice a day at around 12 noon and 6 p.m.

The potential effects of the strike will be communicated on Posti’s website. You can find the notifications at They will be published daily at around 12 noon and 6 p.m.

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience. We are very sorry about the uncertainty and disruptions caused by PAU. We will do everything within our power to get deliveries to their recipients, even if they arrive a little late,” concludes Jarmo Ainasoja.