Posti’s Transval acquisition completed


Posti Group Corporation has today, January 25, 2019, completed the acquisition of the in-house logistics company Suomen Transval Group Oy. The acquisition was announced in September 2018. Posti acquires the entire share capital of Suomen Transval Group Oy from MB Rahastot and the other shareholders of the company. Transval’s net sales in 2017 were approximately EUR 148 million. It employs 3,500 logistics professionals.

“The acquisition is a step in our logistics services growth strategy. As a result of this acquisition, Posti will become a significant operator in logistics outsourcing solutions in Finland. Together with Transval we will offer the most unique and comprehensive logistics outsourcing solutions on the market from transport to warehousing as well as in-house logistics at customers’ premises. We are impressed by the Transval employees’ capabilities in in-house logistics services and in enhancing the business operations of customers. The acquisition benefits the customers of both companies,” says Sari Helander, Vice President, Posti’s Logistics Solutions.

Transval’s CEO Risto Vilo is happy that the company will have the opportunity to grow together with Posti.

“We see tremendous potential in the increasingly close cooperation with Posti. Transval’s current service portfolio will be complemented with Posti’s logistics services, such as warehouse and value-added services, transport services and other customer needs like online store and parcel services. This acquisition will also benefit our employees who are the key to our company’s success.”The value of the outsourced logistics markets in Finland is more than EUR 6,000 million

The value of the outsourced logistics markets in Finland is more than EUR 6,000 million and the annual growth rate of outsourcing is up to 20%. A growing sector in the in-house logistics fields is the in-house logistics of the manufacturing industry and in trade the shelving of goods and refurbishments of products. After the acquisition, Transval will continue to operate as an independent company and the cooperation with Posti will continue to increase. The arrangements will not have an impact on any of the personnel or the current services of the customers.

Posti’s growth expectations on the logistics outsourcing markets are increasing due to the structural change taking place in trade and the growing demand for services, requiring new kinds of logistics arrangements to meet customers’ demands. As a result of the acquisition, the combined entity of logistics services of Posti and Transval will offer the most comprehensive logistics outsourcing solutions for several different industries to increase the competitiveness of customers.

Logistics outsourcing services cover warehouse and terminal services, transport solutions, in-house logistics services on the customers’ premises and the flexible use of professional personnel. In-house logistics means the processing of material flows by the service provider’s personnel on the customer’s premises. Typical services are, for instance, reception of goods in warehouses, terminals and manufacturing plants, internal transfers, picking and shipping.

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (KKV) approved the acquisition on January 17, 2019, in accordance with restrictions related to Transval’s 3PL customers.