Posti takes letters into the digital era: The new Plus Sticker offers traceability


Posti will launch the Plus Sticker to be attached next to the traditional stamp on letters in March. The Plus Sticker will provide traceability for ordinary letters, a service that consumers have requested.

“Consumers have wished to have the tracking system available for ordinary letters, too,” says Noora Laaksonen, Vice President, Consumer Mail Business Unit at Posti.

At the time of the Plus Sticker’s launch, the delivery speed of ordinary letters will change.  From March onwards, Posti’s consumer letters will mainly be delivered within four working days. This change is pursuant to the Finnish Postal Act that entered into force in 2017.

“We want to offer an easy supplementary service – the Plus Sticker – with a new feature that shows the sender when the letter has been delivered. A letter attached with a Plus Sticker will be delivered within two working days,” says Laaksonen.

The Plus Sticker is attached to the letter next to the traditional stamp. After that, the sender can take a picture of the Plus Sticker or save the code. The sender can follow the letter’s journey to the recipient in the OmaPosti application or Posti’s web service.

The Plus Sticker can be attached to all ordinary domestic letters. The Plus Sticker does not include mailing fees of the letter, so required number of stamps must be attached to the letter in the same way as before. A letter including the Plus Sticker will be delivered within two working days. The Plus Sticker supplementary service works throughout Finland, excluding the Åland Islands. You can leave the letter at a Posti outlet or Posti mailbox.

You can buy single Plus Stickers as well as Plus Sticker packages of four, twelve or fifty stickers. The new stickers will be sold by stamp retailers as of March 1. The sticker will be priced at EUR 1.50. Plus Stickers are always used together with the traditional stamps.


Service terms: Mail and International Parcel Services March 1, 2019

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