Posti brings parcels as close as possible to the customer – nationwide innovation launched in Turku


Posti is using new technology to bring parcels closer to the customer. This involves a nationwide project to be rolled out in stages. Customer experiences and lessons will be sought in central Turku, where new parcel distribution will be introduced from April. 

- More customers will pick up their online purchases from parcel lockers, unless they express another preference or order home delivery, for example. As our network of parcel lockers grows, the role of traditional post will change: parcel lockers will be located closer to home, more often on daily errand routes, says Lasse Huttunen, Director, Retail Network, at Posti.   

Online purchases are primarily distributed for pickup where the customer chooses. Many online stores allow the customer to choose a Posti pick-up point when shopping, or the customer can conveniently use the OmaPosti application to direct shipments to a preferred parcel locker or pick-up point. In other cases, the parcel is distributed to the pick-up point - either a parcel locker or Posti pick-up point - closest to the delivery address.

- Posti's innovation means that consumers will receive parcels faster and closer to home, because at the sorting stage the system can tell whether locker space is available, and if necessary direct the parcel straight to another pick-up point in the same area, explains Huttunen.  

The innovation is based on new information system technology introduced in Posti's Turku sorting centre and transport terminals, which enables manual work to be digitalised.

- Our new capacity and order management system for parcel distribution enables more efficient distribution to all Posti pick-up points, while making parcels easier to track, says Jari Paasikivi, Head of Process Technology at Posti.

Posti has the densest network of self-service pick-up points in Europe. The network will grow by around 500 new parcel lockers this year. The number of deliveries via parcel lockers grew by around 22 percent in 2018.

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