Posti does not use leased employees to break the strike


Today, Posti has reported to Government ownership steering at the Prime Minister's Office on the use of leased employees during the strike started by PAU on Monday, November 11. The discussions thoroughly covered Posti’s use of leased employees both in normal circumstances and during the strike.

“We fully understand the Minister’s concern that a state-owned company should not use leased employees to break a strike. Posti is committed to ensuring this. We have agreed with Government ownership steering that during the strike Posti will not exceed the number of leased employees previously reported to the safeguarding of interests,” emphasizes Turkka Kuusisto, the interim CEO of Posti.

To increase transparency in the matter, in the future, Posti will publish on its website daily information regarding the number of leased employees used at its main sites (the logistics centers in Vantaa and Lieto as well as the Helsinki postal center). Posti will publish Friday’s figures on Monday, November 18.

In October 2019, the leased employees working for Posti on a daily basis made up approximately 11% of the workforce.

For Posti, as for all logistics companies, the use of temporary and supplementary employees is a part of normal operations. For Black Friday and the Christmas season late in the year, Posti has annually hired approximately 3,000 seasonal employees.