New Moomin stamps released in June – Other stamps this year to feature evening gowns, calla and Kalle Päätalo


Between June and November 2019, Posti will release 11 new stamp publications with a total of 24 different stamps.

June brings Moomins, urban parks and nature symbols

June 5 will see the release of new Moomin stamps with events and colors from the Moomin books. The person responsible for the stamps’ graphic design is James Zambra who knows the topic well and is part of Tove Jansson’s family. The Moomins: advice for a good life stamp booklet includes 6 domestic no-value indicator stamps, each presenting a familiar theme from the Moomin stories: adventure, courage, comfort, freedom, openness and friendship.

In June, three new stamps will be added to the national urban park stamp series designed by Timo Mänttäri. The new stamps will present park views from Forssa, Heinola and Kuopio. The series that is now coming to an end is a collection of all nine national urban parks in Finland. The parks preserve both urban nature and built environments as a large, comprehensive whole. Urban parks III will be issued as a 15-stamp sheet containing 3 different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs.

Stiina Hovi’s popular series presenting Finland’s nature symbols will also receive a second installment this June. On the five new stamps, granite will represent rocks and the silver birch will represent the plant kingdom, while the Finnish horse, perch and the holly blue will stand for the animal kingdom. Finnish nature symbols II is a 100-stamp roll that includes five different domestic no-value indicator stamps.

Stunning evening gowns, a nostalgic forest hike, calla and Kalle Päätalo in September

Stamps featuring fashion designer Mert Otsamo’s finely crafted evening gowns will become available on September 11. The release of the stamps is related to Posti’s art award that Otsamo received in March. Mert Otsamo has designed clothes and jewelry for various celebrities for events such as galas, stages and the annual Independence Day Reception. AD Paula Salviander is responsible for the graphic design of the Posti art award 2019 stamps. The stamps will be issued as a 10-stamp sheet containing 2 different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs.

Suvi Roiko, a photographer from Tampere, has captured nostalgic moments of children playing in the forest with dogs for the Forest hike stamps. The goal of Roiko’s painterly portraits is to illustrate the relationships between children and animals as well as people and nature. One stamp depicts a boy blowing into a hunting horn while sitting on some twigs with seven puppies, and the other shows a girl sleeping on a stump with a puppy. The pictures for the stamps have been taken in Krääkkiö, Vesilahti. The Forest hike stamps will be issued as a 10-stamp sheet containing 2 different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs. There will also be a 2-stamp sheet that includes both Forest hike stamps.

To celebrate the 100-year birthday of author Kalle Päätalo, Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu have designed a stamp inspired by the scenery of Iijoki River in Taivalkoski. The corner of a red timber house in the stamp represents Kalle Päätalo’s home, Kallioniemi. Embedded into the flowing river current is some text from the first book in the Iijoki series. The font for the stamp’s Kalle Päätalo text is similar to the books’ covers. Furthermore, the stamp sheet’s top corner includes a black-and-white photograph of the author. The domestic no-value indicator stamp Kalle Päätalo 100 years will be issued as a 10-stamp sheet.

September will also see the debut of a new stamp artist, illustrator Oona Himanen, who has designed a harmonious and dignified stamp featuring a calla lily that is suitable for condolence cards. In addition to grief, Himanen wants the stamp to convey caring, empathy and remembrance. The Euro-value Calla will be issued as a 10-stamp sheet.

Three Christmas stamps and a snowy winter stamp will be released in November

Posti will release cheerful Christmas stamps on November 6. The stamps are designed by postcard designer Virpi Pekkala who you might recognize as the designer of this year’s Easter stamps. The Christmas sauna bathers shows an elf family going to the sauna. The Christmas concert stamp, meanwhile, depicts the elves singing to their hearts’ content with a cat and a dog. The Winter wonders stamp pictures a snowman, rabbits and the Northern Lights glowing in the sky.

AD Paula Salvianders timeless graphic stamp of snowy scenery and snow crystals is great for all winter greetings. The Snowflakes stamp will be issued as a 10-stamp sheet.

Posti reserves the right to make changes.

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