Nearly all of Christmas mail has been delivered today – parcels can be picked up on Christmas Eve


Many people feel it is important to remember their loved ones on Christmas. Greetings are sent especially during Christmas time, which is the biggest and most important peak season of the year at Posti. Christmas shipments are delivered to recipients tonight. Very small amount of last-minute Christmas mail will be delivered exceptionally tomorrow on Christmas Eve due to sick leaves. Parcels can still be picked up from pickup and service points on Christmas Eve.

Plenty of Christmas parcels have been sent again. In our parcel deliveries during weeks 49–51, we reached the one million mark three weeks in a row. Finland still cherishes the tradition of sending Christmas cards even as it has waned in many other European countries. Even though digital messages have gained a foothold, millions of traditional Christmas cards or letters have delighted their recipients.

“From all of us at Posti, I want to thank our customers for their trust and a smoothly running Christmas time. At Posti, Christmas is a matter of honor. We get our Christmas spirit through successes and satisfied customers. Once again, we have employed approximately 20,000 Christmas helpers in various roles,” says Jarmo Ainasoja, Posti’s Head of Exception Management.

All Christmas greetings mailed in time will be delivered by Christmas Eve — We will attempt to deliver cards and letters going through address clarification by New Year’s Eve

The rest of the Christmas greetings, i.e. cards and letters, that were mailed by the due date will be delivered today. Very small amount of Christmas mail, in practice about ten routes, will be delivered exceptionally tomorrow on Christmas Eve due to sick leaves.

“You should still check your mailbox today and tomorrow, as we are delivering mail until tonight and tomorrow morning,” Jarmo Ainasoja says.

Items with a wrong or incomplete address go through Posti’s address clarification service. Address clarifications have been made throughout the Christmas season. This year, approximately 50,000 Christmas greetings are going through Posti’s address clarification.

“A correct address is the most important piece of information for mail delivery. It’s what we base our deliveries on. We do our best to find out the correct address as soon as possible. Our goal is to deliver cards and letters that go through address clarification to recipients by New Year’s Eve,” Jarmo Ainasoja says.

Ordered parcels have been delivered to service points; parcels can still be picked up on Christmas Eve

This Christmas, customers are being served by 1,700 parcel lockers and more than 100 Christmas pick-up points. Besides parcel lockers, parcels can also be picked up from Posti outlets. Posti’s own shops are open until 9 p.m. on December 23. The Helsinki Main Post Office is additionally open on Christmas Eve, 8 a.m. – 12 noon. Hundreds of Posti affiliates also provide postal services with wide opening hours. A complete directory of Posti’s service points and their opening hours is available at

We at Posti wish everyone a merry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will be serving our customers once again after the Christmas holidays.