Brexit – Sending and receiving items from the United Kingdom


According to the currently available information, the United Kingdom is expected to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019. If the UK leaves the customs union, it will affect items sent to and from the UK and the related customs clearance and tax formalities.

Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK are still ongoing, meaning that it is still unclear whether there will be a Brexit deal between the UK and the EU. Posti will monitor the situation, work together with Royal Mail and follow instructions given by the authorities as the process unfolds. Posti will continue to handle items to and from the UK smoothly and reliably based on international agreements, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations.

If the UK and the EU are able to reach a Brexit deal, the agreed transition period regulations will apply to trade between the EU and the UK.

If the UK leaves the EU without reaching a deal, the customs authorities of EU Member States must apply all the rules and formalities related to trade between EU and third countries to goods that are being either imported from or exported to the UK. In practice, the trade and handling of goods between the EU and the UK would require new kinds of practices, such as using customs forms. Changes may also be made to advance notifications and the safety and security regulations related to exports. Import restrictions may be applied to items arriving in Finland from countries outside the EU.

If necessary, we will share information about the impact of the Brexit process on sending and receiving items as more information becomes available.

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