Posti’s use of leased employees during the strike


Posti will issue regular updates on its use of leased employees during the strike. Posti will not exceed the number of leased employees previously reported to the safeguarding of interests as a result of the strike or use leased employees to break the strike. Posti had already committed to this before the strike began.

On weekdays, Posti publishes daily information at regarding the number of leased employees used at its main sites, in the logistics centers of Vantaa and Lieto as well as the Helsinki postal center.

The realized figures are:

Sunday, November 24

- Vantaa logistics center 0
- Lieto logistics center 17
- Helsinki postal center 0

Saturday, November 23

- Vantaa logistics center 14
- Lieto logistics center 13
- Helsinki postal center 9

Friday, November 22

- Vantaa logistics center xx
- Lieto logistics center xx
- Helsinki postal center xx

Thursday, November 21

- Vantaa logistics center 73
- Lieto logistics center 49
- Helsinki postal center 53 (the figure updated at 2:20 p.m. on Monday, November 25)

Wednesday, November 20

- Vantaa logistics center 82
- Lieto logistics center 48
- Helsinki postal center 41

Tuesday, November 19

- Vantaa logistics center 75
- Lieto logistics center 50
- Helsinki postal center 54

Monday, November 18

- Vantaa logistics center 66
- Lieto logistics center 46
- Helsinki postal center 55

Sunday, November 17

- Vantaa logistics center 10
- Lieto logistics center 17
- Helsinki postal center 0

Saturday, November 16

- Vantaa logistics center 14
- Lieto logistics center 12
- Helsinki postal center 18

Friday, November 15

- Vantaa logistics center 52
- Lieto logistics center 40
- Helsinki postal center 41


*) full-time work contribution

The reported figure refers to a full-time employee’s work contribution. For example, full-time work may have been divided in two between two leased employees.

The figures announced in advance are 380 (Vantaa logistics center), 150 (Lieto logistics center) and 320 (Helsinki postal center). Only a small percentage of the announced numbers has been realized.

Christmas is Posti’s key peak season, when the quantity of our total personnel in our busiest centers is increased. The figures regarding leased employees, sufficient for normal Christmas peak season, were released well in advance before the strike.

For Posti, as for all logistics companies, the use of temporary and supplementary employees is a part of normal operations. For Black Friday and the Christmas season late in the year, Posti has annually hired approximately 3,000 seasonal employees.