The last mailing dates for Christmas cards are getting closer


Writing Christmas cards is an important part of Christmas. According to the survey, writing Christmas cards is a familiar tradition for many (71%) from their childhood home. Writing Christmas cards has become a specific Christmas task for many, because the majority (67%) of the respondents write all of the cards at once. 


Last mailing dates for Christmas greetings

Domestic Christmas greetings (EUR 1.10) with a Christmas no-value indicator stamp must be dropped off in a mailbox by midnight on Wednesday, December 11 or at a Posti service point by closing time on December 11.

Christmas greetings with a domestic no-value indicator stamp (EUR 1.60) will be delivered by Christmas if they are mailed according to the mailbox emptying times by Tuesday, December 17. If you add a Plus Sticker next to the domestic no-value indicator stamp, the last mailing date is on Thursday, December 19. Please take into account mailboxes’ emptying times.

The mailing dates for Christmas greetings to recipients outside of Finland can be found on Posti’s Christmas website at

Write the correct address to make sure that your Christmas card will reach its recipient

Items can only be delivered smoothly if they have the correct address. Clearly written recipient and address information makes it easier for us to sort and deliver Christmas cards. You can check postal codes by using the postal code search tool on Posti’s website.