Invoices and letters electronically via the free OmaPosti service


The strike by the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU disrupts mail delivery. Posti recommends that consumers use the electronic OmaPosti service to receive invoices and letters on time. The OmaPosti service can be used to receive official letters, such as invoices, from nearly 50,000 businesses and organizations. The authorities using the service include, for example, several hospital districts and cities, Trafi as well as the employment offices.

“OmaPosti provides an electronic alternative to your traditional mailbox. You can use OmaPosti to receive, for example, invoices or official letters on time in one place, which helps in the current strike situation. The consumer can specify from which senders they receive letters in electronic form only,” says Timo Korander, Head of Consumer and Digital Services at Posti.

These letters may be, for example, official letters, invoices, payslips or healthcare documents. The letters and invoices arriving in OmaPosti are handled in compliance with mail, correspondence and bank secrecy as well as the information security policy of the data protection ombudsman and Posti Group.

The recipient will receive the electronic letter 1–2 days faster compared to a letter in paper form, and the delivery is not dependent on traditional mail delivery. OmaPosti can also be used to pay invoices, regardless of the bank the customer uses. The service can also send reminders of upcoming due dates.

The free OmaPosti service also enables the customer to send parcels and track and manage their online purchases as well as other incoming items.

“Due to the special arrangements during the strike, the parcel tracking information in OmaPosti may be slightly unusual, even if the parcels are delivered on time, says Korander. 

OmaPosti can be accessed online at or via a mobile application. You can download the OmaPosti mobile application for free from your phone’s app store or from

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