Spring in your step, Easter in the air – It is time to remember loved ones with an Easter greeting


Signs of spring are already in the air: the streets are clear of snow, trees are starting to bud, the sun greets you joyfully. These signs of spring are also a reminder of the upcoming Easter. This year, Easter cards should be mailed by Monday, April 15. 

Virpi Pekkala’s stamps convey a positive mood

This year’s Easter stamps were designed by artist Virpi Pekkala, who is known for thousands of postcards. The main characters in the Easter Games stamps are an Easter witch, bunny and chick. These sympathetic characters tell an energetic and good-humored Easter story. 

“In one stamp, a witch is swinging on a willow catkin so enthusiastically that she is about to fly off. In the other stamp, a bunny is surprised when a chick hatches from an Easter egg load during transport.”

The illustrations in the Easter stamps are delightful and put a smile on your face.

“I think these stamps can be interpreted so that everyone is free to spend their Easter just as they wish. For some, Easter is about gathering together for a meal with close ones, while for others, it is all about a walk in the forest or spending some quiet time,” says Posti’s Product Manager Johanna Rouhe.

Making cards by hand is something for the entire family

You can buy Easter cards from the store, send them with the Postikortti application or make some yourself. Making crafts is a fun way for the whole family to spend time together.

“You can make cards as a fun weekend activity, for example. Crafts develop the manual skills of both younger and older people. Writing cards together and mailing them familiarizes the youngest family members with this civic skill,” Rouhe says.

It is best to send a hand-made card in an envelope so that any glued parts will stay in place. An envelope does not increase the price for the mailing.

Come up with lines for the characters in the Easter stamps and participate in a card competition

There is a card competition in the Postinen that came out on Monday, April 1. In the competition, the witch, bunny and chick in the Easter stamps are looking for their lines. Write the characters’ lines in the speech bubbles, cut out the characters and speech bubbles and glue them to your card. Attach a stamp to your card and mail it to Posti Ltd, Pääsiäisarvonta, PO Box 7230, FI-00002 HELSINKI. Cards must be mailed by April 15. The best lines will be rewarded with a stamp sheet valued at EUR 15. You can also print Postinen’s craft materials from www.posti.fi/paasiaisarvonta.  

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