Posti is reorganizing its operations in parcel sorting

The reorganization in parcel sorting is carried out to respond to changing customer needs. Posti is pursuing flexible terms of employment that are equal to those of its competitors for the Parcel & eCommerce business group’s sorting operations.

Image - Why is this change necessary?

Why is this change necessary?

Competition in eCommerce is very fierce. The change we are carrying out now will help us respond to the quick change in our business environment and customer needs and increase the flexibility of our services. See the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

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Image - How will the change affect personnel?

How will the change affect personnel?

There is no need for personnel reductions in connection with the reform but it requires changes to collective agreements. We support the personnel in this change and significantly invest in minimizing the immediate effects of the change.

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We will provide notification of any possible disruptions continuously on this page.