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New service by Posti: Last-minute Christmas cards save time during busy Christmas preparations


Last minute Christmas card

The run-up to Christmas is a busy time, and the sending of Christmas cards may end up being left to the last minute. This Christmas, Posti offers a last-minute Christmas card service to those who are running late with posting their Christmas cards.

Last-minute Christmas greetings can be sent to addresses on the Finnish mainland using two domestic no-value indicator stamps on Thursday, December 20, and Friday, December 21. Posti will deliver the Christmas greeting to the recipient before Christmas.

“One needs to remember about a hundred things when preparing for Christmas, and the aim of the last-minute Christmas card service is to ease customers’ Christmas stress by making it possible to post cards a little later,” says Johanna Rouhe, one of Posti’s Christmas-makers.

The postage fee is two domestic no-value indicator stamps, the cards are mailed at a Posti outlet

The postage fee for a last-minute Christmas card is two domestic no-value indicator stamps, meaning 2 x EUR 1.50, or a set of stamps worth EUR 3. Pre-paid charity cards only require one domestic no-value indicator stamp. Last-minute Christmas greetings can also be sent in an envelope.

Last-minute Christmas cards can be mailed at any Posti outlet during December 20–21, but they should not be dropped off in a mailbox. If you are looking to mail the cards on Friday, December 21, we recommend checking the outlet’s last posting time at

There is a natural demand for a last-minute service

According to the survey commissioned by Posti (IRO Research Oy, September 2018), there is a natural demand for a last-minute Christmas card service. Of the customers who responded to the survey, 47% would have wanted to send Christmas cards after the last posting date.

“Sometimes you may remember a few more people who are important to you and who you want to send a Christmas card to after you have already posted the main batch of cards. This year, you can easily send those cards even at the last minute,” says Johanna Rouhe.

According to a recent survey , Christmas cards sent by post still have an important role in Finnish Christmas celebrations. Two thirds of all Finns (66%) are planning to send Christmas cards or letters this year.