The political demonstration of SAK on February 2 may cause delays in postal services if realized


The political demonstration organized by SAK (Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Union) and work stoppage on February 2 may have an effect on postal services, if realized. The current estimate has not changed - demonstrations would delay deliveries in some parts of Finland by 1-3 days.

"It's important for us to minimize the inconvenience for our customers. We will resort to exceptional arrangements wherever possible," says Jarmo Ainasoja, Director of Posti's Control Centre.

Should the demonstrations take place, postal services will be slowed down on February 2, and the backlog can only be processed after the weekend on Monday, February 5. The demonstrations may also affect customer service and Posti's service points.

The demonstration and work stoppage WILL NOT AFFECT

- deliveries related to the health and safety of customers, such as blood deliveries, laboratory samples, grocery deliveries, meal deliveries and care services. They will be organized as usual.

IF REALIZED, the demonstration and work stoppage MAY AFFECT

- the early-morning delivery of newspapers in some areas on Friday. According to the current estimate, the effects are local and only affect Friday. Posti will agree upon any possible exceptional arrangements with publishers.

- the delivery of domestic letters, magazines, direct marketing items, parcels and freight and the delivery of newspapers delivered with day mail in some areas. According to the current estimate, the delay caused by SAK's demonstration would be 1-3 days.

- international letters and parcels. If realized, work stoppage will shut down all Finnish ports of exportation on Friday. Demonstration will also affect international items transported by air. According to the current estimate, the delay for international postal items would be 1-3 days.

- Posti Customer Service and congestion in some of Posti's service points and in postal outlets located on affiliates' premises.

More detailed estimates will be communicated daily.