Recruitment of Christmas helpers has begun – Posti will hire more than 3,000 employees for the Christmas season



Posti brings Christmas joy to every home in the form of millions of parcels and Christmas cards. E-commerce is growing and the Christmas season starts earlier with the international e-commerce season sales. Posti will hire more than 3,000 Christmas helpers for the Christmas season all around Finland.

Christmas helpers are needed for parcel and Christmas greetings sorting, delivery and transport as well as Posti outlets and customer service, among other tasks. Peak season workers are mainly required to be over 18 years old and able to use Finnish. Peak season work is popular especially among students as there is a lot of flexibility in the work shifts. The employment relationships are mainly for the period November–December. Posti is the first employer for many young people, and Christmas work is a tradition that many choose to return to year after year.

“The number of shipments multiplies during the Christmas weeks, and the work of our Christmas helpers is really important. The common goal of everyone at Posti is to help our customers prepare for Christmas and to spread Christmas cheer. We also provide good orientation and a supportive team,” explains Ville Hakala from Posti’s recruitment.

Last year, the busy online sales during the holiday season increased Posti’s parcel volume to 37 million items. Parcel volume increased by 9% compared to the previous year and the number of e-commerce parcels grew by more than 15%. The most popular method to receive e-commerce purchases is Posti’s parcel lockers, which can also be installed in your own housing company. This Christmas, customers will have access to an even more comprehensive parcel locker and retail network than before as well as the new OmaPosti mobile application.

Personal, handwritten Christmas greetings are part of the Finnish Christmas tradition. More than 26 million Christmas cards were sent last Christmas in Finland. Posti employs many Christmas helpers for Christmas card sorting and delivery.

Open positions at Posti this Christmas