Advance voting in the presidential election begins January 17


Advance voting in the presidential election is possible between January 17 and 23, 2018 The actual election day is Sunday, January 28, 2018.

The notices of the right to vote have been sent well before the start of the advance voting.

Posti’s advance voting stations are open in the evenings and at the weekend

Posti offers advance voting opportunities in 13 advance voting stations in Helsinki. Advance voting is also possible in Posti outlets in Espoo and Oulu and in a shopping center in Hyvinkää. Posti’s advance voting stations and their opening hours are available at

An identity document is required

Voting is easy. All you need is a photographic ID card, a passport or a driver’s license.

Further information on the election

Advance voting is possible at any voting station also outside your place of residence. All advance voting stations in Finland and abroad, and their opening hours, are available at

If you have questions about the election or voting, call the service number of the Ministry of Justice:
+358 800 9 4770 (in Finnish), +358 800 9 4771 (in Swedish).