Changes to letter postage fees on May 4


The prices of Posti’s letter services paid in cash will change on May 4, 2018. No-value indicator stamps published before the date will be accepted as payment as such without additional stamps.

The price of a domestic card or letter weighing no more than 50 g will be EUR 1.50 as of May 4 (EUR +0.10). The price of a Priority class international card or letter weighing no more than 20 g will be EUR 1.60 as of May 4 (EUR +0.10). The international Maxi letter classes will be combined, and the Economy delivery speed will be discontinued for Maxi letters. The price of a maxi letter will be EUR 8.50 as of May 4.

Letter services paid in cash include, for example, domestic and international letters that are paid by stamps and included in the universal service. Unlike machine-sortable letters, the processing and sorting of these letters comprises several manual work phases, which increase their production costs.

- Prices must be revised to ensure that the postage fees are at a level that can sustain the functionality of the universal service throughout the country and cover the costs of the delivery network. It is important to keep in mind that Posti’s operations are not funded by tax revenue. Posti is enhancing its operations in many ways to cut costs, but the processing of universal service letters is more expensive due to the manual work involved, explains Laura Luoma from Posti’s consumer services.

Another reason for the increased unit costs of the picking, sorting and delivery of letters is the reduction in delivery volumes. In 2017, the volume of addressed letters decreased by as much as 10 percent from the previous year. The fewer items there are to deliver, the higher the delivery costs of an individual letter.

No-value indicator stamps are always accepted without additional stamps

All domestic and international no-value indicator stamps purchased before the price increase will be accepted without additional stamps after the change. Old 1st and 2nd class no-value indicator stamps can still be used. Their value corresponds to the domestic no-value indicator stamp and will be EUR 1.50 as of 4 May.

There will also be changes to some of the Mail Services fees. The new fees of all Mail Services can be reviewed in the price list available on Posti’s website.

The prices of cards sent from the postcard application will not change. You can also send a real postcard based on your own photograph from the application. The application can be downloaded from iOS or Android application stores.

Pricing changes as of June 1

The prices of Posti’s forwarding and mail delivery interruption services will change as of June 1, 2018. Changes of address concerning the summer can be made at the old price before the end of May. 

The changes will not affect the prices of Posti’s contract customers.

More information on consumer services and prices: 

Stamps may be purchased at approximately 3,200 postal agency shops or via Posti’s online shop at