The effects of climate change will be featured in the stamps for September


The stamps for the rest of 2018 will also feature graffiti, city parks and Finnish nature symbols.

During the remainder of the year, Posti will issue eight stamp sets with a total of 17 different stamps. The themes of the stamps to be issued in September are climate change, graffiti, urban parks and Finnish nature symbols. Three traditional Christmas stamps will be issued in November, along with a stamp suitable for winter greetings.

The three stamps in the climate change stamp sheet depict the dramatic effects of climate change that are expected in the near future if we allow the climate to continue getting warmer at the current rate. The particular focus of the stamps is the effect of climate change on Finnish weather conditions, nature and society.

The stamps, which are designed by Timo Berry, are made with heat-pressed ink that will change color when touched with a finger. By touching the stamp with your finger, you can see what we can expect in Finland if the constant warming of the climate is not brought under control.

The Climate change stamp sheet, which will be issued on September 12, contains three domestic no-value indicator stamps.

Real graffiti to be featured on stamps for the first time

Last May, Posti gave an art award to graffiti artist EGS, whose graffiti will be presented in the first-ever stamps in the world to feature real graffiti. Two graffiti pieces painted by EGS were chosen for the stamps. One of the graffiti pieces was painted at an industrial area nearby Melbourne, Australia and the other one was painted on the side of a small truck in St. Petersburg. Both graffiti pieces depict the letters E, G and S.

The Graffiti stamp sheet, which will be issued on September 12, contains 10 domestic no-value indicator stamps.

Three parks in coastal cities

The second part of the stamp series featuring urban parks will present three coastal cities: Pori, Hanko and Kotka. Timo Mänttäri, who designed the stamps, has depicted water in each stamp, in the form of a river, the sea or a waterfall. The simple design of the stamps is well suited for the size of stamps.

The Urban parks II stamp sheet, which will be issued on September 12, contains 15 domestic no-value indicator stamps.

Finnish nature symbols as part of the national visual memory

In September, Posti will also issue a roll of stamps designed by Stina Hovi, whose five stamp designs will feature the nature symbols of Finland. The stamps will feature the Brown bear, Finland’s national animal; the Finnish Spitz, the national dog; the Whooper swan, the national bird; the Seven-spot ladybird, the national insect; and the Lily of the valley, the national flower. The second set of five stamps in the Finnish nature symbols series will be featured on a roll of stamps in 2019.

The Finnish nature symbols roll of stamps, which will be issued on September 12, contains 100 domestic no-value indicator stamps.

Christmas stamps to feature Christmas baubles, candles and skates

This year’s domestic Christmas stamps will feature familiar sights of Finnish Christmas festivities. Marjo Nygård, the designer of the stamps, has illustrated the domestic stamps with light-reflecting Christmas ball ornaments and retro style candles with their candlesticks. For the international stamps, Nygård has depicted a charming pair of skates.

The Christmas stamps will be issued on November 7 as stamp sheets containing 20 or 10 stamps.

Snowy rowanberries for winter greetings

A stamp featuring snowy rowanberries that is suitable for all winter greetings will also be issued in November. The stamp has been designed by Stina Hovi.

The stamp sheet, which will be issued on November 7, contains 10 domestic no-value indicator stamps.

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